Wordpress Migration

as I’m sure some folks have noticed by now, I have migrated my blog away from Wordpress. I had been planning to for several months now, ever since Wordpress chose to remove the cost of my domain from the rate I was paying for hosting, but the ultimate catalyst was Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg choosing to drop trou on the internet last week.

by which I mean he revealed himself to be a transphobic asshole. Tumblr has had an anti-trans bent in moderation for years, but he chose to personally respond to a recent series of posts regarding the banning of predstrogen specifically, including by characterising a wish of death upon him as a death threat, despite the patent absurdity of the wish in question. when called out on this and other troubling aspects of his post, he chose to double down and even to follow a trans woman to the site formerly known as Twitter in order to harass her.

matters came to such a head that the interim CEO of Tumblr approved a staff post written by the queer staff at Tumblr that apologised for his shit and set out a series of steps they were undertaking to improve moderation for Tumblr.

concurrent with this mess, Automattic announced they would be contracting with Midjourney to provide a direct funnel of user data to the company. user data for both WordPress.com users, as well as folks using the Jetpack plugin suite for WordPress, and Tumblr users.