Biden is not the answer

A Biden presidency will be no better than a Trump presidency, and it will in fact do irreparable harm to the Democratic Party independently of the so-called ‘Bernie Bros’ deciding to take their ball and go home. Current Affairs did an excellent article hitting the salient points, but I’m going to enumerate them here (and you can find citations in that article).

The short version of the Current Affairs article is that Biden is a reactionary dinosaur. There’s no reason to expect that he will appoint liberal justices to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer, which we will sorely need. (As a reminder, this man helped get Clarence Thomas appointed and was an unmitigated asshole to Anita Hill.)

He has been trying to cut Social Security and Medicare for years (I’m on Social Security, have been for a decade). And he’s said that he will veto a Medicare for All bill if it crosses his desk, even as COVID-19 grew into a global pandemic, and has not walked that back.

Biden was anti-abortion until last year, and he only changed his mind under enormous pressure. How can we expect a man like that to defend Roe v Wade? (Especially since he voted against it in the 80s.)

Biden led the Democrats who supported going to war in Iraq. Can we expect him to not want to go to war with Iran? No.

Biden wrote the 1994 crimes bill. The only good part of it was the Violence Against Women Act, and that wasn’t his addition.

Biden helped repeal the Glass-Steagal Act. He has helped with FATCA. He helped bail out the banks and ensured a years-long wage slump that persists to this day. He helped make it harder for ordinary Americans to declare bankruptcy, and helped make it impossible to use bankruptcy to clear student loan debt.

The Obama administration started the family-separation policy that people attribute to Trump.

With all of that said, he is clearly experiencing cognitive decline, which means that if he’s somehow not pushed aside in July (either through a clear Bernie win or a brokered convention which sees a less objectionable candidate get the nomination) we can expect a second administration on auto-pilot except where the president decides to stick his oar in.

There is no clearer sign that the Democratic Party is just as corrupt and self-serving as the Republican Party than that people think this man is fit to be president.

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