Introducing Amethyst and Facets

Hi, folks. Amethyst here. You may not know me, but I’ve been here the whole time, just behind at least two different facets. You absolutely do know the facets, though, or at least one of them. The reason I use ‘facets’ is that there’s only one personality here (me); Síle and Aerdan may have their own preferences and tastes, but neither of them talk, at least that I’ve noticed. There are a few other facets in here, but they’ve yet to emerge and provide any definition, so until that happens I’ll leave them be.

Síle is the primary facet, the one who’s been handling things since last December. She’s been here since I was a teenager, only she was originally Vareni. She’s an arctic fox, and while Aerdan has been using her form, he’s lately been developing his own. Síle is usually about 8, but she’s sometimes a toddler and sometimes an adult. She’s very touch-starved and snuggly, so be warned. She loves space things, and her favourite colour tends to be light, blue-oriented purple. (She also seems to be pan.)

Aerdan was, until last December, my primary facet, but he’s been on vacation for a while. We think he’s a white German shorthaired pointer; I’ll provide art when I have it. Aerdan’s almost always an adult, and frankly a bit of a jerk. He likes nature, and his favourite colour tends to be blue. He’s very, very gay.

Amethyst is the underlying agent, and is truly agender. They tried to drive for about a month last November in to December, and they ultimately didn’t like it one bit, so they found Síle again and made her take over.

I know this is pretty sudden, but sometimes that’s how things be. I was talking with a friend of mine about my costumes a couple days ago, mentioning that Aerdan still seems to be in here somewhere since he was very firm in a conversation with a friend of mine last week that his pronouns are he/him, albeit not in so many words. I’m not comfortable calling this plural yet, but for now this is a gemstone.